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If you're looking for a hair salon with excellent reputation in Brentwood, you've reached the right place. Frog London is a Christian company where ethics like providing honest services and excellent value is followed without compromise. From professional hairstyling to colouring, we can cover it all. Our services cover Essex and London.

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Noel Gibbins is the proud owner of Frog London. Backed with 25 years of experience in the hair and fashion industry, he has travelled the world on shoots and teaching tours. Find out more about his hair stylist team in Brentwood.

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Who said men don't have many options to choose from when it comes to hair styling? Our experienced barber and our hairdressers work together to give you the best in haircuts. Check out our men's hair styling service.

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Flaunt your professionally styled bouncy hair whatever the occasion. Choose from a wide range of women’s hair styles offered by Frog London's highly trained team and enjoy the compliments you are about to receive.


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have standards as a passion and inspiration as their desire!

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